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2009-11-24 03:05:42 by jumpybrik

i just relived something! I can't believe I forgot it, but I have a thanksgiving break. I have been waiting at the bus stop this morning and didn't remember for 5 hours! Any way my mom got this giant turkey three times the size of my head. I think the turkey was fed too much. Then after i had to eat lunch I saw my cat eating a chipmunk! The chipmunk was all red and had a lot of body parts hanging out. My cat couldn't catch his own tail and he could catch a chipmunk! So here is the end, write any retarded day you had to me and i'll say if it really is The Most Retarded Day!

woo, new alienware computer

2009-10-25 21:32:06 by jumpybrik

i just got an alienware computer with 1tb harddrive 8gb ram nivida geforce 240 grafics card and a 3.8ghz prossesor o yeah!

need flash pro 8

2009-09-06 00:29:30 by jumpybrik

right now i am trying to find a cheap flash pro 8, so till then i won't have any flashes so bye!!!